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Finding The Most Effective Acne Treatment

I'm constantly being asked, by people just like you, what the most effective acne treatment is.

Like anything in life there is no magic button and to really solve your acne problems you need to put in a little hard work.

For best results you obviously need to use a product but you can have amazing results without spending a dime.

So without rambling on any longer here we go:

1) Keep your face clean. This seems really obvious but a lot of people simply don't wash there face like they need to. You should be using soap, preferably a skin cleanser/face wash, two or three times a day.

You'll always get more acne the dirtier/sweatier your face is, so after any exercise or activity make sure to at least wipe off your face to get that layer of sweat off.

2) Hands Off! Think about how many things you do with your hands every day. Now imagine taking all those germs and dirt and putting them on your face. Whenever you don't wash your hands before touching your face you're transmitting all those germs and letting them go wild on your face.

So make sure if you're going to touch your face to always wash your hands first.

3) Detoxify your body. When you have all that sweat and dirt trapped under your skin it needs to escape or be removed somehow. When you aren't detoxifying your body properly the dirt and sweat will simply go through your skin in the form of acne.

Detoxifying your body isn't hard at all; simply drink lots of water through out the day to keep everything moving properly. Remember eight glasses of water is the proper amount per day.

Those are the three main things you need to do to help prevent acne. Of course it's not bullet proof, the odd pimple will come up every now and then.

But here's the key: keep at it! Doing things consistently is the key to achieving success in whatever your doing.

If you drink lots of water for a week and then stop don't be surprised to see pimples popping up more and more. Keep at it and you'll see results.

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